Critical Asian Studies (launched in 1968 as the Bulletin of Concerned Asian Scholars) is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes scholarly articles and other materials that challenge the accepted formulas for understanding the Asia and Pacific regions, the world, and ourselves.

Current Issue: Vol. 50, No. 1 (March 2018)

Fifty Years of Critical Inquiry
– A Note from the CAS Directors


Ahmadis or Indonesians?
The Polarization of Post-Reform Public Debates on Islam and Orthodoxy

– Saskia Schäfer

Insecure Peace: Understanding Citizen and Local Government Relations
in a Maoist-Affected Region in India

– Subhasish Ray and Mohan J. Dutta

Special Report: Beyond the Spectacle of Mega-Disasters:
The Philippines Five Years after Haiyan

Introduction: Beyond the Spectacle:
Slow-Moving Disasters in Post-Haiyan Philippines

– Nicole Curato

A Tide that Does Not Lift All Boats: The Surge of Remittances
in Post-Disaster Recovery in Tacloban City, Philippines

– Yvonne Su and Ladylyn Mangada

Local Aid Workers in the Digital Humanitarian Project:
Between "Second Class Citizens" and "Entrepreneurial Survivors"

– Jonathan Ong and Pamela Combinido

Constructing Reconstruction, Territorializing Risk:
Imposing "No-Build Zones" in Post-Disaster Reconstruction
in Tacloban City, Philippines

– Dakila Kim P. Yee

Typhoon Haiyan: Pushing the Limits of Resilience?
The Effect of Land Inequality on Resilience and Disaster Risk Reduction Policies in the Philippines

– Colin Walch

The Unheeded Present and the Impossible Future:
Temporalities of Relocation after Typhoon Haiyan

– Caroline Compton

Note from the Field

Economic Planning in Kerala
– V. K. Ramachandran

In Memoriam

Hassan Nawaz Gardezi, 1933 – 2017

Forthcoming Articles

CAS Fiftieth Anniversary Roundtable:
Fifty Years of Tilting at Mainstream Scholarship on Asia:
The Past and Future of Asian Studies
– Patricio Abinales, Amrita Basu, Bruce Cumings,
Ngo Vinh Long, and Mark Selden

Peasant Migrant Workers and Social Reproduction:
Between Informal Wage Work and Smallholdings in Post-Mao China
– Thomas Jakobsen

Vanishing Natives and Taiwan's Settler Colonial Unconsciousness
– Katsuya Hirano, Lorenzo Veracini, and Toulouse Roy

Special Issue:
Education, Urbanization, and the Politics of Space on the Tibetan Plateau
– Emily Yeh and Charlene Makley, guest editors

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